YESAH is a fashion label established in 2012 by Shanghainese designer Linda Hao, whose exquisite taste in music and films form the basis of the label’s collections. Linda has since gone on to develop YESTOTES as YESAH’s accessories line.

Quirky, energetic and fearless are just some of the qualities associated with YESAH. Its iconic campaigns are an extension of the above qualities and often feature girls with an insatiable appetite for living life to its fullest.

Under the creative direction of founder Linda Hao who draws inspiration from her exquisite taste in music and films for every collection, YESAH has gone from strength to strength with five collections to date, ranging from garments to accessories. Its first collection was the YESTOTES, a luxurious take on the everyday tote bags that debuted at the Blueprint Emporium in 2013. Despite coming from a fashion design background, Linda had no prior experience in designing bags but the unexpected success of YESTOTES has since seen it developing into YESAH’s accessories line. Hot on the heels of YESTOTES‘s success was A Few of My Favourite Food; a bag collection inspired by Linda’s love for food.

The label’s next venture was its Spring Summer 2014 Capsule Collection, YESAH x TEETEEHEEHEE; a collaboration with Singaporean illustrator Teresa Lim. This is also the collection that got physical stores like Actually and LahlahLand (KL,Malaysia) attracted to Yesah and being able to have its first few physical stockists. Ever since the appearance of Yesah in physical stores, YESTOTES Autumn Winter 2014 collection was also stocked at Singapore’s only multi-label cult store Superspace.

A major milestone for Yesah in 2014 was the participation in Digital Fashion Week and Bangkok International Fashion Week. It was Yesah’s debut runway showcase in front of Bangkok audience and has since received overwhelming response.

Yesah will continue to collaborate with like-minded artists/designers and bring on exciting projects to offer to the Yesah girls out there locally and internationally.

Looking ahead, YESAH hopes to further develop its brand with a wide range of women’s wear and accessories. YESAH can be found in retail boutiques including Actually (SG), Superspace (SG) and LLL+ (KL, Malaysia). But of course, the largest selection of YESAH can be found at Yesah.net.




Born in Shanghai and based in Singapore, Linda Hao is a fashion chameleon with an equal passion for fashion and music. Spotted at 16 while working as a retail assistant, she has gone on to model and front many fashion campaigns and advertisements regionally. While still pursuing her fashion education in Temasek Polytechnic, Linda was already a household name in the Singapore fashion scene due to her unmistakable and impeccable personal style.

As if that was not enough, she started DJ-ing as one half of DJ duo, TWOFACE, with her best friend and partner-in-crime. Not only was she often seen at fashion events, she has mixed music for Chanel, Topshop, Furla, Steve Madden, Nike, just to name a few.

Fashion styling came naturally to such an eclectic character. Linda Hao has also styled many editorial spreads for magazine like Alexis as well as creative films and commercials.

Within a year of graduating from her fashion education in 2012, Linda Hao started YESAH, a fashion label based in Singapore. Originally an online store that features sprightly-curated selection of fast-moving fashion, and unique vintage items, the label has since evolved into a designer label in mid 2013.

Linda Hao is a girl with much to offer and one who feels that there is never enough on her plate. Her colourful personality and deep understanding of fashion helps both herself and YESAH to stand out amongst its competition.