YESAH’s first ever Autumn Winter Collection. Designer Linda Hao goes back to her Chinese roots with the collection’s theme – TIBET DREAMING. The collection is heavily inspired by percussive tribal-experimental music talent ‘CLAP!CLAP!’ as well as persistent dreams and imagery of undulating meadows, tribal farms and pastoral communities.

To bring the dream to life, YESAH took reference from Tibetan tribal costumes to create fresh structures with bigger, modern silhouettes. Five vibrant key colours were incorporated into the collection – Blue, White, Red, Yellow and Green to represent the elements Sky, Clouds, Fire, Earth and Water respectively – for a stark contrast against the usual darker and duller Fall Winter colour palettes. YESAH’s AW Collection introduces faux fur, intricate trimmings, turtlenecks, smoother plush fabrics, quilted robes and union suits to cover day and evening looks as well as extended sleepwear styles. An emblem “Tibet Dreaming” is also embroidered on a few YESAH signature pieces.

This is also Yesah’s last collection.


Photography: Black Pixion
Model: Veron Ho
Make Up Artist: Amos Gan
Direction: Linda Hao